Single is a relationship status that most of you want to get away from. There are people who even feel it as a flaw in life. The fact is that being single opens a lot of opportunities and comes with many advantages. Here are the 7 major benefits of being single and why you can be happy despite being single.

Being Health Conscious

People who are in the relationship get very cozy with everything around them. It also spans diet and exercises. You may have more dine-outs and food orders than when you are single. You may also have very frequent late-night snacking. You may also choose to skip the workouts frequently. Being single makes it very easy for you to stick to your routine which includes exercise and diet. Staying in shape is always something great about being single.

Happening Social Life

If you are in a committed relationship, you will have plans for almost every day and weekend. It is very common to find the people in relationships slowly drifting away from their friends. There are partners who are very possessive which can hinder the other person from making new friends.

Besides, people in committed relationships usually look for their partner’s approval for any new friendship, which in most cases will not work out. A person who is single can meet many people and can have better plans for weekends and vacations. They easily get along with people and make new friendships. Also, singles plan for more trips than couples.

Less Alcohol

The girl’s parties or guy’s parties do have a lot of drinks and you just enjoy it to the core. However, the researches show that married couple and especially women consume more alcohol than singles. Being single helps in reducing alcohol consumption.

Better Sex Life

Sex life may not be always good among people who are in a committed relationship. Married couples and the ones in a committed relationship may not give a lot of significance to sexual life. Singles put maximum effort and try their best in making sexual life better. Singles find sexual partners and enjoy sexual life better than committed people.

Better Focus on Career

When you are single, you have all your time to completely dedicate to work for your career. People who are in a relationship get distracted by so many things that they may not be able to focus well on their careers. Singles usually put their best efforts and enjoy better success than committed ones. Singles can put effort into extra time and can easily commit to overtime. Singles are most likely to spend a lot of time on their work and employers find them highly productive than the ones in relationships.

Better Sleep

People in relationships may find it really hard to have peaceful sleep. Having a partner and sharing a bed may seem very delightful but it comes with its disadvantages. If your partner has snoring issues or has a different sleeping habit, it may have an impact on your sleep.

The different needs of temperature for AC, sheet stealing or sleepwalking are other factors that can disturb your sleep. If you are single, the whole room is yours and you can sleep on the whole bed without worrying about sharing, sheet stealing, or noisy snores.

Less Worries About Money

If you are in a relationship, you have to spend money on dinner nights, gifts for valentine’s day, and also surprise gifts to your partner. When you are single, you need not have to spend money on these things but you can use your income for your needs.

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