Hailed as the most powerful social media giant, Facebook began rolling an inbuilt dating app last year in September 2019. The extension of Facebook into the most talked Online dating aims to create perfect matches with its huge data collection. There is a separate profile & chatbox for Facebook Dating, to ensure your privacy. Currently, this feature is available in 19 countries including the U.S.

Since most of the people are available on Facebook, will the enormous user data help Facebook in getting you a perfect match? Let’s take a closer look

How Does It Work?

Facebook Dating is not a standalone app, it’s an extended feature within the Facebook app itself. As of now, this feature is available only on smartphones. It supports both Android & iOS platforms. You can find the “heart icon” for Facebook Dating under your profile tab. This feature encourages people who are looking for a potential life partner, not the fleeting ones.

Once you create a profile, just fill in the necessary details, yes Facebook won’t sync the information from your current account. You will be having two separate profiles & inboxes. Your dating profile can only be viewed by your friends who have a Facebook dating profile. Your information won’t be showed up on the newsfeed. You can upload photos from your Facebook & Instagram accounts. Just answer a few simple questions based on your interests & there you go.

What Makes It A Novel Dating App?

Facebook Dating brings in a breath of fresh air with exclusive features, unlike the other dating apps. You can find the best possible match within 100 miles of your city. Look out for the quirky features below.

No Mindless Swapping Like Other Apps

Following the ideology of meaningful relationships, Facebook dating doesn’t encourage swiping like other apps. If you don’t like a profile just tap on “not interested”. If you like a person just ask a question or pick a photo from the user’s profile & initiate a conversation. You can only view the person’s profile again until they respond to your question.

Ponder Over The Suggested Matches Again

Sometimes you may miss out on what you’ve been looking for in a rush. Likewise, it offers a feature “Second Look” where you can view the suggested matched once again to see if you’ve missed something.

Create The List Of People You Don’t Wish To See

With the “Pre-emptive block list” feature you can easily block the users you wish to avoid. It may be an ex, acquaintance, or someone you have unfriended on Facebook but not blocked. This ensures you won’t be able to see unwelcomed people in match suggestions.

Take A Break From Social Media Anytime

Ever felt the need to stay away from social media & detoxify yourself? With the “Pause on” feature, you can take a break from dating & be back at your ease. You can still message the people you have been matched while on a break.

Facebook Dating is a place where you can get to know each other, the credibility of Facebook ensures users the profiles for real unlike fake profiles in other dating apps.

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