Online dating is now a comfortable choice for men and women, looking for a dating partner. Regular interactions through a dating platform can be full of fun. While searching for dating apps, you may have encountered the name, Wingman.

However, instead of referring to it as a dating app, we can choose it as a matchmaker. Although the interface of Wingman is similar to that of other dating apps, you can find a difference in it. You can find several profiles, and with swiping gestures, you may send your approval. Wingman has eliminated the fear and pressure of rejection. You must ensure that you have trustworthy friends to help with your matchmaking process.

What Makes Wingman More Interactive?

The perfectly designed interface of Wingman comes with interesting features. The concept of gamification has added fun to Wingman’s users. For every successful match, your friends will gain a chance to earn a point on their leaderboards. This activity has created a competitive atmosphere. Moreover, while matching for any friend, you may find someone, preferable to you. Then, you can choose the nudge feature to let you hook up with that person.

How Does Wingman Work?

Wingman app creator thinks that your friends know everything about you. Based on this thought, the developer has introduced a new thing to the app. The wingman gets the option of writing a profile description for single friends. Now, to use the app, you have to create your account for security. It also makes sure that your family and friends will recognize you easily while sending an invite. You can find two modes of the app.

Wingman mode is about the background activity. The major purpose is to swipe others’ profiles to find the right match for a friend. The wingman also analyzes singles’ profiles on the platform. Another mode is- Looking For Me, and it enables singles in browsing through the feed.

How To Use Wingman?

You can use Wingman for two purposes. You may find a match for your friend and yourself. When you are using Wingman for a friend, you have to write her name and her bio. Your friend has to approve it. After finding a profile as a potential match for your friend, you can click on a heart icon. Then, this match will send a response and reveal his feelings for your friend. While you have no friends, you can write a bio on your own. To do it, you need to click on the option- I Have No Wingman.

Is Wingman The Right App For You?

The way of using the app is a bit confusing to users. First, your friend needs to create your profile. However, you may not have a dedicated and trustworthy friend. Although you have a friend, she does not have time to spend for you. Still, you can find values from the app. As your friend is writing positive words about you, it will impress your match. Download the app and get fun from it.

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