You may have already browsed through a long list of swipe-based dating apps. What’s your feeling from using those apps? It may be time-wasting, overwhelming, and confusing. However, Coffee Meets Bagel has entered the market with the aim of solving these issues of singles who are looking for a dating partner. Released in 2012, this app has valued the quality of online interactions to please the users.

Know About The Algorithmic System Of The App, CMB

Coffee Meets Bagel presents you with a unique algorithmic mechanism. Every day, you can find a few matches, suggested by the app. Women can find those who have liked their profiles. However, while the suggestions are not right for you, there is an option for browsing through different profiles.

You can use Coffee Meets Bagel at free of cost. However, you may invest in the premium version to get more features. Moreover, CMB has in-app currency, known as beans, and you have to buy the paid version to obtain beans.

How To Use Coffee Meets Bagel App

When you have opened the app, you can start searching for your matches and like others’ profiles. You or your match can open the conversation. However, in a free version, you get a week to chat with a person. You need to be a premium member to open the closed chat.

In Coffee Meets Bagel, there are connections of different levels, ranging from first to third degree. First-degree connections include your Facebook friends, while the second-degree refers to those who are mutual friends of your matches. Then, third-degree CMB connections have a link with second-degree connections.

We have said that Beans are CMB currencies, and you can buy them from the Bean Shop. However, you may also have then by doing some fun tasks.

Coffee Meets Bagel interface presents you with sections. In the Suggested sections, you can find 21 bagels per day. You can click on Priority Like or Like for those bagels. In the Discover section, you may follow your search criteria.

What Makes Coffee Meets Bagel Interesting?

Coffee Meets Bagel dating app is available to you with innovative features. Men can find the Ladies Choice feature that helps them to search for women who are potential matches. Give and Take- these two different features work as the best matchmaker.

With the Give feature, you will have 300 Beans daily. On the other hand, the Take feature enables you to adjust your preferences. Photo Lab is another interesting part, which gives you an option for testing two photos, and members can vote one of them.

How Do Women Feel With Coffee Meets Bagel?

According to CMB, you will like five persons per day. Thus, CMB attracts the most discerning users. However, the number of women in CMB is more than that of the men. Besides, there is a limit on the duration of your chat.

Is CMB Safe For You?

CMB is one of the female-friendly apps, and lots of women have claimed it to be the best dating app. Interestingly, there are educated women, signing up for CMB. You can find a minimal risk of receiving sketchy messages.

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